30 Grams Caboki Hair Fiber in Pakistan

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30 Grams New Caboki Hair Fiber in Pakistan

Baldness is a hair disorder that is basically the deficiency or loss of hair. This deficiency is mainly caused by the several reasons as the hereditary disposition, illness or other functional disorders. All the individuals who suffered from this disorder lost their confidence in facing people because of the fear of making fun of themselves. Now, Pakistan has a product that you can use for your purpose as the Caboki 30 grams.

The adwaly Caboki 30 grams is basically a hair fiber designed to temporarily cover the baldness problem in considerably less amount of time. This hair fiber product helps to instantly eliminate the problem of thinning of hair and bald spots. It enables the user to gain a perfect look that if he has performed a total hair transplant. One of the best features of this versatile product is that it is nearly undetectable; means nobody can detect it that you are using some kind of hair makeup.

The adwaly Caboki 30 grams can last through several days without any problem. It would only remove by shampooing the hair. This fiber doesn’t affect by exposing to rain, strong wind and even sweat. Another best feature of this product is that it doesn’t have any side effects at all in contrast to the other hair fiber products that are available in the market. It means that it is equally safe for both women and men of all ages.

The adwaly Caboki 30 grams automatically attached to the hair automatically. These fibers have the positive charge on it and our hair has a negative charge, so it forms the strongest bond. So, you don’t need to apply any adhesive to make this bond. You wouldn’t find quicker, safer and easier solution to cover your bald spots instantly.

The adwaly Caboki 30 grams can be a great hair companion for all those individuals who have bald spots or thin hair. This product can be ordered by calling the official number of adwaly Pakistan at 0333-4115583. You can also log on to the official Pakistan website of adwaly Pakistan


Caboki is a revolutionary hair loss product that allows people with noticeably thinning hair to regain an appearance of thick, fulsome hair once again with very little effort.

Simply sprinkle Caboki over the effected area and, rub through with your fingers or brush it through and you have given your hair an instant makeover and have thicker, fuller hair all day long. Simply wash it off in the evening and re-apply next morning.

Additional Specs of the adwaly Caboki 30 grams Hair Fiber:

  1. Made from 100% natural and safe ingredients
  2. Instant treatment for thin hair or bald spots
  3. Suitable for both men and women
  4. Only washes by shampooing and doesn’t affect by rain or wind


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